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Mam're. (strength, fatness). An ancient Amorite, who with his brothers, Eshcol and Aner, was in alliance with Abram, Gen 14:13; Gen 14:151, and under the shade of whose oak grove, the patriarch dwelt in the interval between his residence at Bethel and at Beersheba. Gen 13:18; Gen 18:1. In the subsequent chapters, Mamre is a mere local appellation. Gen 23:17; Gen 23:19; Gen 25:9; Gen 49:30; Gen 50:13.

Smith's Bible Dictionary or
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

Occurences In Authorized Version
6 Verse(s)

Genesis 23:17, Gen 23:19, Gen 25:9, Gen 35:27, Gen 49:30, Gen 50:13